Month: December 2015

Saving Lives by Curbing the Habit

Some resolutions can save lives. Companies that invest in wellness programs can make tremendous strides in promoting a healthier and happier workplace and lower healthcare costs too. Every program should include a smoking cessation initiative. The statistical realities of lung cancer are all around us. Few people would argue that modern research clearly links tobacco use to cancer, heart disease and stroke. For years, government regulations have required tobacco companies to label products with health warnings. Still, lung cancer—the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States—remains often overlooked. Lung cancer is the most preventable form of cancer....

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Movers and Shakers Dec/Jan 2015-2016

Shauna Parsons—Recipient of the 2015 ATHENA award from the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. Owner and President of Evergreen Basement Systems, Parsons earned the prestigious distinction for her business accomplishments, community contributions and commitment to excellence; she was honored as the winner from a pool of 16 nominees at the Women of Worth luncheon on Oct. 30. Raul M. Diaz—Appointed Chief of Police for Lynchburg City. Diaz comes to the position with over 26 years of experience in law enforcement, including both local and federal. Prior to his new role, Diaz was promoted to the position of Assistant Chief in 2013. In addition, Diaz also has federal experience as a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Rex D. Geveden —New Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BWX Technologies, Inc. As COO, Geveden will be responsible for execution of BWXT’s government and commercial nuclear operations in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to joining the company, Geveden was Executive Vice President at Teledyne Technologies, where he led two of Teledyne’s four operating segments. He holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Physics from Murray State University. Laurie Gulluscio—Resigned as Director of Marketing and Membership for the Retail Merchants Association (RMA). Gulluscio started with the RMA in the fall of 2010; since then they have more than doubled membership and started the Buy Local Lynchburg program. She has been...

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Southern Loom Renewing and Refreshing Homes in Central Virginia

Rebekah Moody’s love for design began at a young age…six in fact! She learned to sew under the tutelage of her mother, and the seeds sown have now become a thriving business. Southern Loom, Moody’s design business, located in the Boonsboro Shopping Center in Lynchburg, is the space in which she works with fabrics and designs new and beautiful creations from the materials around her. Since 2014, when the Southern Loom storefront opened, the business has steadily outgrown its space to where Moody will be launching a new warehouse location called Southern Provision Company, a destination for fabulous finds...

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Editor’s Letter Dec/Jan 2015-2016

When I was a sophomore in high school, our teacher tasked us with the arduous chore of reading in its entirety The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Between the colonial language and small font, many of my classmates never made it through. I, however, for some strange reason, was taken with the audacity Franklin displayed. He seemed bent on the attainment of moral perfection and shared in detail his methods for doing so. But even Franklin eventually realized the futility of such a goal and decided instead to appreciate the improvements he made despite never achieving “perfection.” And that’s the real lesson, isn’t it? Improvement is the goal, not perfection. In looking ahead to 2016, there is much to consider. On a local front, we wanted to provide a number of resources that can assist you in working towards both personal and professional improvements. I would suggest starting with our regional economic forecast on page 18 where several local experts share their observations on where the region is headed—the good and the challenging. Then, turn to page 34 where regional leaders offer insight on coming developments for the Greater Lynchburg community. Finally, our annual construction focus brings us an in-depth look at the commercial market, along with a “cheat sheet” of real estate resources, courtesy of resident commercial real estate expert Billy Hansen. G In terms of business ownership, who...

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In the News Dec/Jan 2015-2016

HEALTHCARE Piedmont Eye Relocates to Larger Location Piedmont Eye Center is relocating their Lynchburg headquarters to Nationwide Drive. Construction for the new center concluded at the end of November and was slated to open as of Thanksgiving. The new location will nestle Piedmont Eye Center amongst an array of other medical centers including Gastroenterology Associates of Virginia, Radiology Consultants of Lynchburg and Centra Medical Group. The building—which previously housed a Nationwide call center—is approximately 20,000-square-feet and will host 35 exam rooms with more testing equipment available, according to Director of Marketing Shannon Leedy. The increased space and resources will...

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Preparing for the Future: Proper Transfer of a Family Business

Proper transfer of a family business can be confusing when corporate documents and estate planning documents are opposed in purpose. The goal of such documentation is for perfect strangers to read your documents and use them as a blueprint to accomplish your wishes. In the case referenced here, we do not know for sure what Ms. Corr actually wanted. We do know she tried to ensure that her wishes would be met. We also know that a family was divided because the business documents and the estate plan were not in unison. The Family Situation Ultimately, it will be...

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Leading Lady: Patsy Cunningham Dec/Jan 2015-2016

Occupation: Owner of Basket Case Hometown: Lynchburg, Va. What is your current job? I am the owner of Basket Case, an upscale gift/gourmet shop specializing in custom-designed gift baskets filled with fine chocolates, teas, coffees and wines. We also include many unique Virginia products. Every gift basket is designed to fit the customer’s budget and occasion for the gift. What led you to where you are now? Many years ago, with a desire to be more flexible and more involved with my little girls’ school activities, I researched the possibilities of a home business. I discovered that people were...

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Leader of the Month: Geoffrey Kershner Dec/Jan 2015-2016

Occupation: Executive Director of the Academy Center of the Arts Hometown: Amherst, Va. What does your current job entail? I lead the organization’s programming, strategic planning and operations. Our organization includes a flexible black box theatre, two art galleries, a pottery studio and an arts education facility. We are also in the middle of a facility expansion with the addition of a 750-seat historic theatre. How do you explain the intersection of the arts and community development? On a basic level, the arts build a healthy community. They gather people together to have a shared experience. When this happens,...

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Changes Ahead for HR: What to Expect and How to Prepare Now

The expected trends in 2016 for the field of human resource management have the potential to significantly change our workplaces. These changes include, but are not limited to, the areas of classification status for the exempt/non-exempt employees, benefits and retention strategies. Employee Classification First, the Department of Labor continues to have a significant focus on ensuring organizations are accurately classifying their exempt/non-exempt employees. Audits and investigations are expected to increase, and organizations must ensure they have accurately classified each job position. However, one of the most critical issues under scrutiny, regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) standards, is...

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CS Custom Structures Providing One of a Kind Design

Whether your house needs a “facelift” or you are starting from scratch, CS Custom Structures, Inc. is ready to meet your architectural design and construction needs. With 125 years of combined experience in the architectural profession, they strive to offer unique, diverse and “one of a kind” craftsmanship—never duplicating a design. “There is no other company like ours, that [has] the architect and builder under one roof,” said Ron Driskill, vice president and architect. Unique from most competitors, CS Custom Structures offers a “one-stop shop” approach. “Most of our work is custom high-end homes and light commercial projects,” Driskill...

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Around Town Dec/Jan 2015-2016

TECHNOLOGY AWARDS Tech|EDGE 2015 The Region 2000 Technology Council held their second annual TechEDGE Dinner and Awards Night at the Academy of Fine Arts on Oct. 22, 2015. Approximately 150 people attended the event honoring area companies, organizations and individuals excelling in technology. Award recipients included: Innovator of the Year—Adam Spontarelli of Vector Space; Entrepreneur of the Year—Tony Erskine of Sharptop Co.; STEM Educator of the Year—Cindy Watson of Altavista High School; and Technology Company of the Year—Trax, LLC. Special recognition for regional technology excellence acknowledged three local initiatives including: Altavista Microsoft TEALS project; Lynchburg City for their Tech...

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Insider Tips of the Trade

A “Cheat Sheet” OF RESOURCES An essential part of any real estate agent or appraiser’s job is mastering the ability to quickly and readily research and learn everything that they possibly can about a prospective listing, the subject of a new appraisal assignment or another property of interest. Outside of the industry, a surprising amount of people love to play amateur real estate detective and do their own research, while others just want to get answers to specific questions like “Who owns this property?” and “How much did that property sell for?” For the real estate newbie learning the...

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