Month: July 2017

Best Of Lynchburg

Welcome to the “Best Of” Lynchburg! Cast Your Votes and Nominations Now for The Best of Lynchburg!   The first round of Voting/Nominations run from July 15th through August 31st The top 15 with most votes July 15th  through Aug 31st move to finalist round. Your nomination WILL count as a vote, Note in order to receive votes you must be nominated. Finalist Round Starts September 1st and concludes September 25th.  The top 5 vote recipients throughout the entire contest will be published as Best of Winners in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Lynchburg Living Magazine. How the Process Works: Within each...

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2017 Lynchburg Business Community Impact Awards

The Community Impact Awards honor Lynchburg businesses and organizations that are making a tangible, measurable impact on their communities. That impact might be the result of any number of activities including job creation, workforce development programs, volunteer efforts, or innovative business models that promote a healthy work environment. Nominations will be judged by a team of experts and leaders, winners will be honored at an awards gala  featured in the December/January 2017 issue of Lynchburg Business magazine. Nominations for the 2017 Community Impact Awards will be open from July 1 – August 18, 2017 . To nominate your company or...

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