Author: Emily Hedrick

Nuclear Energy Firm Framatome Returns to Lynchburg

Abandoned New Year’s resolutions are ubiquitous at this point in a year, but for Framatome—formerly AREVA—the months since the company’s rebranding on January 4 have entailed increased resolve and dedication to restoring the company to financial health. The nuclear energy firm has undergone many changes over the years—both in name and ownership—but this rebranding marks a return to the former AREVA’s roots and, thus, a kind of rebirth. Framatome was originally established in 1958 by several French and American businesses focused on pressurized water reactors, and by 1975 the company was the sole provider of nuclear power plants in...

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If the Shoe Fits

Craddock Terry’s Journey from the World’s Fifth Largest Shoe Factory to Lynchburg’s Only Boutique Hotel There is something inherently magical about historic buildings that have been repurposed and given another chance to make history again. Many such projects entail restoration of some physical elements but a marked departure from the building’s original purpose. At Craddock Terry Hotel and Event Center, however, the past plays a central and honored role in the present. Although Craddock Terry is celebrating 10 years as Lynchburg’s only boutique hotel, its history dates back to the 19th century. In 1888, John W. Craddock founded The...

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Beat the Business Meeting Blues

Trends and Innovations that Increase Excitement and Productivity Most people likely consider business meetings to be as exciting as routine health checkups, but new trends and innovations in the field may change their outlook. More and more businesses are moving away from stuffy lecture-style meetings that allow for little interaction and toward more dynamic and collaborative methods and formats. Read on for five ideas from local professionals on how to hold a productive, morale-boosting, and fun— yes, fun!—business meeting. 1. Consider holding meetings outside of the office—or even outdoors! One of the best and easiest ways to enliven business...

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Much More than Mulch

Liberty Landscape Supply’s Mission to Beautify Bedford Home to the National D-Day Memorial, Avenel Plantation, the Elks National Home and several other historic buildings and landmarks, Bedford is a town with deep roots and rich traditions. Like many historic towns, some buildings of yore have fallen into disuse with the passage of time. Some of them, however, get a second chance to thrive; such is the case with the historic Bedford Coal and Ice building on Grove Street, which is now the home of Liberty Landscape Supply. Liberty Landscape Supply was founded by Bryan Schley and Scott Elliot in...

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