Author: Eric Richardson

A Family Affair

Complexity, Culture, and Human Resources of the Family Business Have you ever worked for a small- to medium-sized organization? Perhaps one that is family owned? The first thoughts you had are probably a reflection of your experience with how well (or how inadequately) the organization was managed. Family businesses have the potential to be complex. Consequently, they are often stereotyped as being plagued with organizational culture issues (i.e. family drama and/or nepotism). However, family businesses are also known for achieving transgenerational goals and fulfilling long-term family aspirations. Creating an open and supportive culture and effectively managing human resources may...

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Going Green in Healthcare

Organizations focused on “going green” often identify unique opportunities impacting stewardship and sustainability as they increase their strategic focus on conservationism. Healthcare, as an industry, is a great example where increased focus can yield value-added outcomes. Embracing environmental awareness has never been more critical. Recent research in the Public Library of Science Journal by Eckelman and Sherman noted that 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the healthcare sector alone. The related impact results in $1.1 million in negative health impact and/or costs for a single 200 bed, coal-powered facility. The average energy cost per bed was...

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Impactful Connections

Optimizing Appeal for Y(ounger) Donors The holiday season is here and it’s a popular time to give—to family and friends, but also to charitable organizations in the region. During a season when consumers are exploring charitable giving opportunities, organizations may want to enhance their cause-specific campaign. A well-crafted campaign is imperative to attract all donors—especially Millennials. Millennials, and Millennial-giving activities and trends, have begun to mature in terms of frequency and commitment. The Pew Research Center defined the Millennial generation as those born after 1980; individuals in their 20s and 30s were the first to come of age in...

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