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Seeking Professional Connections & Development?

Enter the Young Professionals of Central Virginia Most jobs are secured through a relationship of one kind or another. Someone shares that his or her employer has an opening; another contact may slip in a quick recommendation to a supervisor. Each of these connections can go a long way in propelling a career forward. But what happens when one’s personal network is lacking, and there’s a real possibility of missing valuable professional opportunities? Enter the Young Professionals of Central Virginia (YPCV). A group designed to connect young professionals with each other and various development opportunities, YPCV’s mission is “dedicated to...

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Heart and hustle: two qualities that define Josh Kirk, owner of MayLynn’s Creamery and the newly opened MayLynn’s Downtown. After a devastating accident six years ago, Kirk found himself literally starting from scratch. Looking back now—with two successful shops open and sister company Chill City Pops launching—he says, “Don’t get into [a business] unless you’re willing to put the time in.” And judging from his schedule—14-hour days, 7 days a week—it’s a lot of time. “You have to be willing to sacrifice what’s needed to make it great,” he says. For Kirk, the motivation came as a result of...

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