Author: Kathryn Kelly

Lynchburg Business Millennials on the Move 2017

These young professionals represent some of the best and brightest that our region has to offer in young, innovative and creative talent. Their hardworking mentalities and ambitious attitudes are tenaciously taking them to the top of their chosen fields. Months ago during an online nomination period, colleagues and coworkers nominated their peers. Then, a panel of judges made up of local business leaders chose this group of 25, with focus put on identifying individuals who exemplify success in their professions while also working within the community to advance the region as a whole. On Tuesday, August 1, at Southern...

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2017 Lynchburg Business Community Impact Awards

The Community Impact Awards honor Lynchburg businesses and organizations that are making a tangible, measurable impact on their communities. That impact might be the result of any number of activities including job creation, workforce development programs, volunteer efforts, or innovative business models that promote a healthy work environment. The Nomination Period has  ended.   The Winners will featured in the December/January 2017 issue of Lynchburg Business...

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Top Teacher Search

Join us in recognizing and honoring the amazing, inspiring educators in our area with the 3rd annual Top Teachers Search! All New This Year- The Top Teacher Winners will be chosen based on nomination forms and questions answered. The Nomination Period has ended. A distinguished panel will choose the Top Teachers for the Greater Lynchburg Area. The winners will be recognized in the March/April 2017 Education Issue as “Top Teachers” and invited to a special event recognizing their achievements in early March of...

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