Author: LaShonda Delivuk

5 Ways to Turn Your Business into a Destination

Location matters. If it didn’t Walgreens wouldn’t spend top dollar to be on the “corner of happy and healthy.” But not everyone can afford prime real estate for their businesses. So what do you do? How can you turn any address into a shopping destination? Believe it or not food trucks have mastered this art and I will share my top five observations to help you transform your business into a destination. #1 Dominate Social Media The best example of a food truck that has mastered the art of social media in the Lynchburg area is the apple cider...

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Marketing Strategies

For most retailers, the holiday season is the most wonderful and critical time for sales. If a storefront business can capitalize on the increased foot traffic and spending, it has the potential to catapult earnings into a strong first quarter and carry revenue into spring. What if there was a way to prolong the holiday season? What if you could implement a few strategies in the New Year that would help sustain you when things slow down? Here are four practical marketing strategies you can implement today to help keep your cash flowing: Clean & Clarify When things are...

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