Author: Sara Sigmon

Foster Fuels

Locally-Grown Business Changes Lives Across the Globe When hurricanes draw near to the coast, winds roar, and the fuel and water needed to power local business generators, vehicles, and other operations often flee as quickly as the area residents. When these disasters strike, companies can often be stuck in these tragic situations without precious resources. But, during these tragedies, the Campbell County-based Foster Fuels offers global relief. Foster Fuels was founded in 1921 as a family-run business providing residential, commercial, agricultural, transport, and emergency fuel services. Their residential services are available throughout Virginia (and beyond) and include pickup and...

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Nurse Practitioners Make History in Huddleston

Huddleston, a quaint country town nestled near Smith Mountain Lake, boasts a medical center whose team of talented nurse practitioners are making Virginia history. The center, built into the country landscape, is Huddleston Health and Wellness, and is completely run and maintained by nurse practitioners. A substitute for House Bill 793 was recently passed stating nurse practitioners with more than five years of experience do not require an attending physician to practice medicine. This substitution was a huge step towards lowering the walls against nurse practitioners, allowing them to offer an affordable, holistic healthcare option to many rural residents....

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