Author: Suzanne Ramsey

There’s No Place Like Acorn Hill

Lynchburg’s unique lodge has all the frills of a night away…but still feels like home A phrase is printed on the notepads at Acorn Hill Lodge: “Your home away from home.” And you don’t have to look any farther than the guest book, sitting atop a baby grand piano in the lobby, to know it’s more than a slogan. From a family in Austin, Texas: “Such a lovely place to stay!” A Hampton, Va., couple penned, “What an amazing place and sweet hospitality!” A California visitor wrote, “Lovely place, such a homey atmosphere,” and from a South Carolina couple,...

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Connecting the Dots

Study Links Transportation, Broadband Access to Economic Development About a year ago, regional stakeholders in the areas of transportation and economic development commissioned a study to look at the role connectivity in transportation and broadband development plays in the regional economy. The study also identified how improving connectivity could positively impact economic development. The Lynchburg Regional Connectivity Study was initiated by Shannon Valentine, Lynchburg-district representative for the Commonwealth Transportation Board. Valentine saw research and forecasting being done on the state level, regarding trends in transportation, demographics, economics, technology and other areas, and she wondered if something similar could be...

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One Way Out Escape Rooms

How an Out-of-Town Idea Became a Local Effort Recently, some friends and I went to One Way Out, an “escape room” on Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg. If you’ve never heard of an escape room, it’s an activity where a group of people work together, solving puzzles and unlocking clues, sometimes literally. Each escape room has a different theme, and after being locked inside—not literally, for the claustrophobics out there—you have an hour to solve every mystery and escape. One Way Out’s escape rooms are aimed at people ages 8 and older and there are no physical restrictions. In other...

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