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It was just about eight years ago when Aubrey Wells first set foot in Lynchburg. Back then, she lived in Wisconsin and only visited to undergo training at the Frito-Lay Lynchburg manufacturing plant for a job—until then, Virginia was never on her radar. Even during that brief visit, though, she says saw potential in the city, potential in the workers and potential for growth at the Frito-Lay Lynchburg plant itself. So about three years later when she was given an opportunity to transfer to the Hill City, she says she didn’t think twice. “Immediately, when I came here I...

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Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance settles in to its new home

New Beginnings, Same Mission In a manifestation of growth, innovation and forward progress in the Lynchburg business community, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance moved in to its new state-of-the-art headquarters last October, marking the beginning of a new era for the organization. And now, after months settling in and a year of overseeing renovations, CEO Megan Lucas is looking for more ways to utilize the building to create a new catalyst of large revenue streams and wider profit margins in the greater Lynchburg area. The new headquarters, which was previously used as an old U.S. Postal Service sorting facility...

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Lynchburg’s “Little Detroit”

An Inside Look at the Balancing Technology of American Hofmann Corp. What we’re really doing here is bringing Detroit all the way into Lynchburg,” Roy Emeigh, the president and CEO of the Lynchburg-based American Hofmann Corp., explained while pointing to a newly-built and -engineered automatic crankshaft balancing system—one of four that American Hofmann was building to ship off to Ford Motor Company in December. The machine that Emeigh showcased stood in a spacious and modern-looking testing bay, where engineers walked to and from their latest projects on the floor of the American Hofmann manufacturing plant nestled in an out-of-sight...

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The Real Value of Family Values

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Family Business To rise to the top in corporate America, executives and their respective boards have seemingly long abandoned the inherent values of a family business, as tactics of short-termism and streamlining product continue to become popularized. Rather than prioritizing the needs of shareholders and institutional investors, the business owners and partners of the world must realize that family values have real value—both in building a foundational customer base and hedging investments for long-term, sustainable growth. Such unconventional “small town” strategies would likely be rejected at the next proxy meeting for large...

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