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434 Marketing BY EMILY HEDRICK >>>AT A GLANCE: Founded: 2011 Location: 1023 Commerce St., Lynchburg Number of Employees: 10 Company Bio: 434 Marketing was founded by Dustin Slightham and a team of minority partners in 2011. The company began with the debut of the app “Carrot Saver” and the Digital Agency “Carrot Creates.” Since rebranding as 434 Marketing in 2015, the company has grown from a developer of mobile apps, software, and websites into a comprehensive marketing operation that works closely with businesses to develop specific strategies for using these tools. The company was recognized as the Tech Council...

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Best Places to Work 2017

According to a 2016 report from the Society for Human Resource Management, 88 percent of U.S. employees said they were satisfied with their job overall in 2015—the highest level of satisfaction over the last 10 years. Why is this so important? Because our careers are a huge part of who we are—both individually and as a society. We spend more time at our jobs during the week… than with our families or friends. And while our jobs should not define us, they can enhance our lives if they are good—and take away from our lives if they are not....

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Best Places to Work 2016

Spelling out what makes a great work environment is somewhat of an inexact science. Who better then to determine that than the employees who experience it day in and day out? For the first annual “Best Places to Work” campaign, we asked employees to nominate their companies for consideration. Those featured here in alphabetical order were shared with us by employees and selected for the quality of their work environments, general company culture, training and development opportunities, tangible and intangible benefits, and employee satisfaction, among other things. We hope you appreciate seeing the great things happening in our region...

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