After being in the editor seat for Lynchburg Business and Lynchburg Living for a little over six months, I’ve come to understand one core truth about Lynchburg: Its citizens are resilient.

Time and time again, I come across stories of folks who have adapted, persevered, and carved out their own unique space. While I’m sure resilience exists in many other cities throughout our country, it’s the gentle and courageous spirit behind that resilience that makes “Lynchburgers” so special.

I’ve had the privilege of having a front row seat to some of Lynchburg’s recent growth stories, and it’s an honor to share some of them with our readers.

Some of that resilience is touched on in this issue—from Jessica Kercher’s ingenuity as she navigated her new cheesecake business through the pandemic and then into two booming locations, (pg. 10) to the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development & Tourism’s rebrand, which put the city’s story in the hands of its community (pg. 28).

This issue also finds moments of inspiration and opportunities for all of us to learn a little bit from each other. On page 18, you’ll find the books that a handful of community leaders are learning and growing from, so you can do the same. And on page 13, you’ll read the story of Lynchburg City Schools’ homeless education program and how they’re making sure students who are experiencing homelessness in our area stay engaged and in school.

Of course, when you combine the resiliency of our community with the inspiration that comes from learning from one another, positive growth is inevitable. In our 2023 Market Report (pg. 21), city and county leaders from our region weigh in on what you can expect to see on the local level in the coming year.

As our community dives courageously into 2023, I can’t wait to hear the stories that come out of it.