Campbell Insurance

Number of Employees: 41

Campbell Insurance’s remarkable legacy stretches back over a century, drawing strength from the extensive experience of its female workforce, which boasts a combined 600 years of knowledge in the insurance industry. These women are integral to the company’s progress, embodying a spirit of empowerment and leadership that drives Campbell Insurance forward. The company’s emphasis on gender diversity is reflected in its organizational structure, with strong female leaders at the helm of service, marketing, and administrative divisions. The dedication and expertise of these women serve as a testament to the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It is through the collective efforts and unique perspectives of its female staff that Campbell Insurance continues to innovate and drive success. With a forward-thinking approach, the company is poised to continue its legacy of success, guided by strong female leaders who inspire innovation and inclusivity.

801 Main Street, Suite 500, Lynchburg, VA 24504 • 434-847-5541 •

First Row: Maggie Mitchell, Account Manager; Connie Gunter, Account Manager; Amanda Windle, Account Manager; Amanda Duff, Engagement Specialist;
Jaime Raye Hughes, Account Manager; Kris Wade, Account Manager; Deborah Martin, Administrative Assistant; Nicole Hudnall, Commercial Service Manager; Sydney George, Account Manager; Tracy Ferguson, Information Technology Coordinator. Second Row: Lindsay Wingfield, Claims Manager;
Martha Ewing, Marketing Assistant; Della Martin, Account Manager; Sheila Zentmeyer, Vice President; Kathy Jennings, Claims Specialist;
Megan Massie, Account Manager; Katie Davis, Account Manager; Crystal Pillow, Account Manager; Sara Hilton, Account Manager; Vicky Rosser, COO;
Sheila Powers, Account Manager; Carmen Campbell, Risk Advisor; Celia Hudnall, Vice President Marketing Manager.
NOT PICTURED: Ciara Hudson, Account Manager; Tabitha Robertson, Account Manager; Sondra Lloyd-Fulks, Quality Control Specialist;
Wendy Spradlin, Quality Control Specialist; Penny Tolley, Account Manager-Processor; Sue Staples, Account Manager