Jason Arbusto is rolling in dough at his newly opened Daughters and Sons Pizza. Both literally (we’ll explain their unique dough-making process in a moment) and figuratively, as the restaurant is celebrating a ton of success in an area that’s finally seeing revitalization—the Fifth Street corridor.

Arbusto, formerly the head chef at the Manor House at Locust Thicket (now the Stone Hearth & Manor House Kitchen), says he was the city’s first building permit of 2018. In three months, 522 Fifth Street was transformed from a run-down space into a renovated pizzeria.

“We did quite a bit of work to the building—added a ventilation system, kitchen area, additional bathrooms,” Arbusto explains. “It’s a really cool, interesting space.”

They use a big vintage pizza oven from the 1980s to bake their “squares”—not pies. And instead of kneading the dough, Arbusto and his staff mix the ingredients together and use the process of fermentation to make the gluten.

“The dough is stored in a cool basement to develop for 48 hours. Then on the third day we shape it out,” Arbusto explains. “It’s 60 percent water and is light and airy.”

You can get pizza by the slice—their Pepperoni, House-made Spicy Sausage and Vegetarian are popular choices. Sandwiches such as the Muffaletta (Italian cold cuts, mozzarella, provolone and creole olive salad), fresh salads with house-made dressings and a cheeseboard are also a big hit.

The pizzeria offers counter service for anyone with a short lunch break. But for those in the business community who choose to dine in, a quick and affordable lunch still feels like a restaurant experience.

“We serve popcorn with olive oil and sea salt as an appetizer, we bring you your food and offer freshly grated cheese, then we bus your table when it’s time to leave,” says Arbusto.

Daughters and Sons joins a list of other dining options on Fifth Street that have opened within the past couple of years. He is thrilled to be a part of what they have dubbed the #5thstreetrevival on social media.

“It’s great to have a community where you can be a young entrepreneur and have people embrace it.”