The last two years represented a pendulum swing of change. It seemed every time we turned on the news or heard an expert weigh in, the word “unprecedented” was peppered throughout as a way to somehow encapsulate the ebbs and flows of a pandemic. Now, it seems the pendulum is starting its journey back.

As doors finally reopen and businesses find their post-pandemic footing, we are seeing a new wave of changes to adapt to. Supply chains are grappling to catch up after months of stagnation, and there may be a price to pay for that. Our Finance columnist reflects on ways to personally prepare for inflation on page 30. Employees are also approaching the workplace differently. Employee wellness is now at the top of the list of crucial employee benefits, as we see on page 8, and some employees are looking to labor unions for added support and security. More on that on page 11.

We’re starting to see a shift in how we do life, too—and property developers are taking note. Coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and breweries are popping up all across Central Virginia in the humblest places: forgotten buildings. Read how three development groups are giving old buildings new life, while giving the community a place to come together, on page 57.

This issue is a celebration of resilience, agility, and the folks who enthusiastically embrace change. That celebration wouldn’t be complete without honoring a few of those people. We’ve highlighted a few of them in our 20 Under 40, on page 13, as well as the businesses that have created an incredible workplace culture. See the Best Places to Work on page 23.

Here’s to the people, places, and ideas that are strengthening our community.

Megan Williams, Managing Editor