Forest Hill Insurance Agency

Number of Employees: 8

Current Revenue: $10,000,000 Agency

Agency owner Carrie Mattox owns Forest Hill Insurance and has been representing Allstate and is proud to carry the legacy of her grandfather, Bill St. John who taught her “To be a good insurance agent requires understanding and caring for every customer who walks through the door.” Educating consumers about their insurance and offering guidance is what she loves most. Currently, she is serving on Allstate’s National Advisory Board as one of the Best Agents with Allstate. When she first opened 17 years ago, the business was predominantly dominated by men. Initially intimidated as one of the few women agents, she learned that was only because she was insecure with HERSELF. Once she gained confidence in herself, her leadership abilities, and her vision for her business, she has since soared.

19423 Forest Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502
434-384-6700 •