Occupation: CEO of CCCxA
Hometown: Grew up in Arizona but Bedford County became home in 2006

Commander’s Concepts Commissioning (CCCxA) is actually your second career. Tell us about your time in the military and the path you took over the years.
Being a Marine is a calling and an identity. I will always be a Marine. Some of my duties included the Drill Field, Command (peacetime and war) at various levels, work in Counterterrorism, the Joint Staff as well as serving in Force Recon. I have an engineering background yet served as an Infantry Officer. In the Marine Corps, the idea of engineering is more along the lines of blowing things up. I like this new approach of using my engineering services in more constructive ways.

CCCxA is approved as a Service Disabled Veteran–Owned Small Business. What types of physical challenges do you experience as a result of your military career?
I received the Bronze Star with “V” for Valor and the Purple Heart for wounds in combat, but I do not consider myself disabled; particularly when one witnesses the heroes who have served and come home with limits on their ability to live without pain or freedom of movement. I salute each of them. God bless each of them.

Explain the mission and work of CCCxA.
We are a professional engineering firm that focuses on commissioning. Basically, we provide third party oversight, representing the owner’s interests to ensure their projects are designed as planned. Commissioning has evolved to a state where it is required on many state projects and all federal projects as we look for ways to increase efficiency and reduce friction on projects.

Why did you feel a calling to start up this type of business?
It was a natural fit where I could use my past experience and skills to do the most good for the most people.
CCCxA is actually helping raise the standards at Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals. Tell us about the work you are doing with those organizations.

I am proud of our ability to help the VA as well as contractors raise the standards of what is really important—our veterans. They deserve the best and it is my mission to do my part. Our nation can never adequately thank the men and women who selfishly gave of themselves to preserve our freedom. They deserve the best healthcare available. Our work includes raising the standards at numerous VA hospitals and clinics.

Any other past contracts that you are very proud of?
Every job has your signature on it—and is a reflection of your own values—so any time we can save resources and improve the quality of work on a project, we will mark that as a success to be proud of.

CCCxA is located in the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research in New London (CAER). Why did you choose this location?
This site is a great location and hub of activity. The leadership at CAER is pro-business and is focused on helping the community enhance the area’s capacity for engineering, science, technology and management.

How will the CAER help your business as it continues to grow?
I see the CAER as being a hub for like-minded businesses to mingle and grow together as our community leaders continue with their vision to promote incentives for job creation, and opportunities for professional services and development—particularly for our youth.

What are your long term goals for CCCxA?
My vision and metrics for success focus on how much we can give back to the community and how well we can serve. My goal is to provide a firm that creates opportunities for growth and self-betterment for all our employees.

How would you define your leadership style?
I’m convinced leadership comes in many shapes and styles but the core principle is leadership, which is best exemplified by being that person you want from your subordinates. [It’s] leadership by example.

What are some ideals or strategies that you practice for general productivity?
I think the greatest strategies for success and productivity are simple to understand but sometimes hard to execute: being on time, being a person with integrity, and honoring your commitments—these will always be force multipliers for success and productivity.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Anyone can be average—so why be average? Be something great.

What one piece of advice would you share with others?
Place God first in your life and trust in him.

What’s your history in the area?
I found our current home on the Internet while in Iraq back in 2006. The few pictures I saw and the description convinced me this would be my sanctuary once I returned from the Middle East and Central Asia.

What’s life like outside of work?
You will find my interests revolve around woodworking as well as raising livestock on our small farm.

What do you enjoy the most about this region?
Recognizing that we’ve spent a lot of our time overseas as well as in large cities, my wife and I simply enjoy sitting on our porch in the evening as the sun sets and watching our animals.

Closing thoughts?
I am honored to be part of the Bedford community and a supporter of our Chamber of Commerce. Our town and community are fortunate to have the elected and volunteer leadership currently serving our community. What a great place to live!