Recognizing The Companies, Services, Programs And People That Bring Success And Vibrancy To Lynchburg’s  Business Community

The contest has ended, Look for results in the July 2021 Edition of Lynchburg Business!

What makes a company successful? Its people? Its profits? Its impact? We consider it a combination of these factors, and we’re fortunate to have many successful businesses here in Lynchburg that put our region on the map economically, make our communities more dynamic and set the precedent of what the future of business will look like for our region. To recognize the companies bringing success and vibrancy to the Hill City, we’re pleased to bring you the Best Of Business Awards.


With these awards, we highlight the services that companies use and trust to perform their day-to-day operations, the businesses that are excelling in their industries, the venues and events that make meetings and networking effective, the top professional development programs for taking careers to the next level and the individuals exuding professionalism, innovation and influence throughout their companies and communities.

How the Process Works:

A Few Guidelines:


•Vote for as many or as few categories as you would like,  Each voter is allowed  one vote  per  category  for the duration of the contest.
•You MUST submit your name and e-mail address with entry to validate your ballot.
•All nominated businesses will go through to the final round.
•The finalist round for voting runs from through January 31, 2021.
•Our contest winners will be those receiving the most votes overall.

Important Note

While businesses are encouraged to promote themselves through all legitimate marketing channels, in an effort to maintain the integrity of the Best of Business Awards voting process:
  • Any nominated business found to have used a third-party service to unfairly influence their vote count will be immediately disqualified (please be aware of potential scammers who may solicit your business for this purpose).
  • Any nominated businesses offering discounts, gift certificates or other monetary rewards to customers in exchange for Best Of Business votes will be immediately disqualified.have any questions, or problems please contact Web Marketing and Promotions Manager, Kathryn Kelly –
***If you have trouble reaching the contest, clear your browser history and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience.**