1922 Commercial Furniture Co.

Quality by Design

1922 Commercial Furniture Co. was created as a sub-group of the Amherst County–based clock manufacturing company, Hermle North America. Since its launch in late 2016, the company has become known for its superior manufacturing quality throughout the hospitality and commercial furnishings industry with significant growth to the factory through the addition of many new employees, upgrades to manufacturing equipment and facilities, and a renewed focus on environmental and social sustainability.

Recently, 1922 Commercial received a grant from Virginia Career Works and the Central Virginia Workforce Development Board (CVWDB) to provide additional training and workforce education for its employees. This grant, given with the intent to ensure that employees within a company are able to gain new skills that promote advancement within that company and help promote job security, will be used in order to train all production leads and managers on the company’s manufacturing software.

434-381-1005 • sales@1922commercial.com

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