Blakely Bath & Co.

“Amidst personal hardships of losing my daughter, Blakely, and battling eczema with my son, Eli, I sought solace in therapeutic hobbies,” explained Sade Campbell, owner of Blakely Bath & Co.

A wife, mother, and Registered Nurse, Campbell leveraged her healthcare and wellness background to create natural skincare and wellness solutions that are aimed at empowering women to become happier and healthier.

“It’s a reflection of my own journey of tragedy to triumph,” she said.

Offering products that are 100 percent homemade, cruelty free, and featuring only natural ingredients, Blakely Bath & Co. in Forest, Virginia, offers everything from soap, face and body creams, and body scrubs to pain gel and migraine rollers.

“When developing new skincare and wellness products, I take the ‘empowered by nature, backed by science’ approach,” Campbell said. “We do really well with providing a high-quality product that will provide satisfying results to our customers.”

Not only are Blakely Bath & Co. products available in-store at their Forest location, they are also available online, including opportunities for customers to secure loyalty points or take advantage of “soapscriptions,” a monthly subscription program that ensures customers never run out of Blakely Bath & Co.’s skin-nourishing soaps.

“My ultimate favorite product line is our #ThatGlo Turmeric line,” Campbell explained. “This line is a sweet orange essential oil blending scent infused into a turmeric and kojic face and body scrub, face and body oil, and turmeric soap bar. It’s a unique line as it is multipurpose and works really well to prevent premature aging of skin, evening out skin tone, and fighting acne and dark spots. You can even use the face and body oil as a makeup primer and remover!”

In addition to her healthcare background, Campbell has relied on her life experiences to drive her products and business forward.

“As a woman, my journey as an entrepreneur and creator has been deeply influenced by my experiences and perspectives,” she said. “Being a wife, mother, and Registered Nurse has provided me with a unique understanding of the needs and desires of women and families.

It has driven me to create products that prioritize holistic wellness and natural beauty, aiming to empower self-care and confidence. Additionally, facing personal hardships, such as the loss of my daughter Blakely and caring for a son with eczema, has fueled my determination to provide solutions that cater to the well-being of women and families. Overall, being a woman has shaped my journey by instilling empathy, resilience, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others through my entrepreneurial endeavors.

A woman-owned, woman-made business, Blakely Bath & Co. is uniquely positioned to cater to the diverse needs and skin types, especially for women—including a line of feminine care products.

“Being a woman-owned, woman-made business holds significant personal meaning for me,” she continued. “It represents empowerment, resilience, and the ability to create meaningful change in the world. As a woman, it’s a testament to my strength, creativity, and determination to succeed in traditionally male-dominated industries. It also allows me to contribute to the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality by serving as a role model for other aspiring female entrepreneurs. Personally, it’s a source of pride and fulfillment to know that I am leading a business that reflects my values, experiences, and vision for a more inclusive and equitable society.”

Blakely Bath & Co. can be shopped online at blakelybathco.com or in-store at 18013 Forest Road, Suite C03, Forest, VA.