Congratulations to these local businesses for their achievements

BMS Direct, Inc.
Success for BMS Direct, Inc. (BMS) has always been about its people and printing. As a result, the company has created a culture dedicated as much to individual growth as it is to exceed the expectations of every customer. For nearly 50 years, that approach helped build a company on the leading edge of transactional printing capability and capacity.

BMS Direct is well positioned with their team, technology, and software. New partnerships are having an impact on their capabilities. They are also excited about our future. Along with the hardware investments, BMS streamlined workflows and invested in software to meet that goal. Both allow BMS to move work from equipment to equipment as needed, minimizing disruptions, and maintaining production pace.

BMS can depend on consistent quality over the long haul. Bob Hansen, BMS’s vice president of sales, marketing, and client services, explained, “In describing this evolution to prospects and current customers, consistent high quality from the start-of run to end-of-run that inkjet brings is possible. Over time, toner degrades. Degradation is because there’s constant calibrating, stopping, and restarting.

In contrast, inkjet technology takes us to new operational efficiency and smoother workflow. As a result, we’re no longer worried about any ink quality loss over a job’s duration. That’s a huge selling point.”

BMS is preserving its ability to focus on talent and technology while honoring its origins as a successful family print business. It continues cultivating growth as a printing leader and to enjoy another 50 years of excellence.

Piedmont Eye Center
Piedmont Eye Center was founded in 1973 by Remo Lotano, MD. Dr. Lotano and his one employee, Carole Catlett, began the one lane clinic on the ninth floor of the Allied Arts building in Downtown Lynchburg. In 1994, Retina Specialist, Dr. Vogel partnered with Dr Lotano to bring specialty care to Lynchburg. By 1995, the community’s on-going needs for specialized eye care brought Dr. Bowers to the growing practice.

Since then, Piedmont Eye Center has grown to eight providers and cover specialties in: Pediatric, Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Surgery.

Since its inception, Piedmont Eye Center has been actively involved in the local community as well as communities abroad, from helping establish the first eye clinic in the poorest region of Roatan, Honduras, to routinely providing eye care to patients of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia.

Piedmont Eye Center is Lynchburg’s largest multi-specialty Ophthalmology practice and the only locally owned and operated.