Moyanne Harding

Number of Employees: 10

Company Revenue: $1M-5M

1987: RMWC Studio Art Major; 1991: Interiors By Moyanne Inc; 2013: Estates & Consignments Warehouse; 2014: Moyanne’s Angels Non-profit; 2020: Licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth of Va; 2020: Turnkey Real Estate Service Company; 2023: Flutes Wine Lounge.

My TurnKey Real Estate service to my clients is a seamless way to liquidate the contents of the home and the actual Real Estate property. I alway believe you can start fresh each day and reinvent yourself as you need to pivot to make things work. Life moves super fast now and so must you to keep up if you want to stay in the lead.

I always live by the GOLDEN RULE. That’s my secret.

107 13th Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504
434-851-9421 •