NB Handy Company

Number of Employees: 600

Company Revenue: $450M

Rosana has held executive roles in various disciplines of the business. Skill mastery and vision, with a diverse approach to learning, provided an in-depth foundation in both cultural and operational leadership. Rosana says the most rewarding aspect of her role is forming high-performing teams and delivering outstanding results, while providing opportunities for promotion throughout the organization.

When asked about specific initiatives or projects currently in process, she said it’s expansion and growth initiatives that support the strategy. She emphasizes the critical importance of innovation in driving change through vertical integration, highlighting the requirement of having the right team and a supportive work culture to ensure successful execution.

We wanted to know the opportunities and challenges she has faced as a woman in business within her industry and how she has approached them. Rosana says being a woman in business is a barrier only if given credence. Top talent is difficult to find and highly valued regardless of gender. All must remain focused on strengthening their unique skillset. This, coupled with a grateful attitude and ability to ignite harmony in the workplace, will mute all the noise for differences, with the right employer.