What to Expect
A dressy meal in a casual setting.

The Experience
It’s called a lunch break for a reason; you’re supposed to grab something to eat but also, hopefully, take a mental break from the work day.

Walk into {RA} Bistro on a Tuesday afternoon, and it feels like a Saturday evening. The lighting is soft and complements the beautiful hardwood floors and stonework throughout the restaurant. Manager Bekkah Damiani says “it has a historic rustic feel to it but it’s also modern.”

But before you think that might be too fancy for your lunch break, she says think again. At {RA} Bistro, you can dress up or dress down and feel right at home.

“We have people come in after they’ve just gone for a run—they sit down and want a salad,” said Damiani. “And then you have people who come in here on date night with heels and a dress. But neither person feels out of place.”

What to Try
The worst part of dining out on your lunch break is overeating then sitting miserably in the office for the rest of the day. At {RA} Bistro, their “9 for 9” lunch combos are very popular and are perfectly sized for the lunch break crowd.

“You’re getting soup and salad as a starter, and a drink is included.

And you’re also getting a choice of a lunch portion of our dinner entrees,” said Damiani.

She says their Honey Spice Salmon is the most popular. Another long-time favorite is the Chicken Parmesan Pasta. Aside from those combos, Damiani says a lot of people order their salads, particularly the Fuji Apple Salad.

“It comes with two chicken skewers on top of it so you’re also getting that protein—and it’s huge,” she said.

The Extras
With most lunch breaks lasting about an hour, Damiani says they work hard to make sure you get back to work when you’re supposed to.

“Our staff is great at timing things perfectly so where you can be in and out as quickly as possible,” said Damiani. “But we can also slow things down if you want to.”

And if you work downtown and can’t break away from the office due to a deadline, call {RA} Bistro and someone will deliver your order for free.

By Shelley Basinger