Small Business on the Rise: C&C Piping & Fabrication

Husband and wife team Cody Hurd and Codie Cyrus founded C&C Piping and Fabrication, an industrial welding repair and maintenance company, in 2014. “The idea came from my husband, Cody, who saw a need in the field,” Cyrus says. “Small projects normally do not get the attention that every project deserves, especially in the industrial field where safety is such a huge issue. Every project—small, medium, and large—should have the same level of care and attention.”

C&C Piping and Fabrication is located in Altavista, which Cyrus feels is the ideal place for the company. “It is a central hub for the outlying bigger cities such as Lynchburg, Roanoke, Farmville, etc.,” Cyrus notes. “Altavista has also offered such a welcoming environment for our business. The need is here, and we are happy to accommodate. Altavista is an ever-growing town, and we hope to be a big part in shaping its future. This community is also designed around our industry with the technical schools in the area.”

Among the services offered at C&C are piping and metal fabrication and repairs, mechanical support, industrial welding repair and maintenance on machines and equipment, install process and utility piping. Although the company currently has only one employee and nine independent contractors, it is always open.

Cyrus cites hard work, community involvement, and continuing education as the primary factors in C&C’s success. “A lot of the first year was mainly our shoulders to the grindstone,” she says. “We just kept our heads down and focused on what needed to be done with paperwork and building our name and our team with quality service. We participated in Family Farm Day, which we and the Altavista Journal hosted, and that was a blast. I think that was our first step outside our work-focused box and our first opportunity to give back to the community. Continuous education has been the best means of growth: reading, talking, webinars, mingling, asking questions, signing up for everything you can find that is educational and cost efficient.”

The company was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Altavista On Track organization’s Pop-Up Altavista event in November for creating and presenting an outstanding business plan.

The grant money will go toward an expansion in the near future.

“We have been blessed with an amazing opportunity…” Cyrus says. “We are just looking for the perfect place. We are looking for a building that will accommodate our needs and hopefully the town can supply that.”

As C&C continues to grow and evolve, being involved in and giving back to the community remain integral parts of its mission. “The best thing about owning a small business is being able to give back!” Cyrus exclaims. “We are able to decide which charity and events we are going to participate in and being able to see it firsthand is always amazing.”

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By Emily Hedrick