If there are any topics discussed as frequently as politics and the weather, they just might be money and healthcare. With so many demands on our wallets, this issue should give you some insight on making the most of your money; see coverage starting on page 35. And it’s no surprise that the healthcare industry has been undergoing some massive changes in recent time; we address some common questions employers face when choosing healthcare plans on page 32.

For some entrepreneurial inspiration, flip to our second annual Small Businesses on the Rise feature where we share the stories of nine local companies that have experienced tremendous growth. As Doug Roh learned upon opening Bräuburgers in 2014, you sometimes have to adjust your plans to better meet the needs of your customers. Within a few months of opening his eatery, Roh realized his customers wanted full service, so he adapted.

Like Roh, the other entrepreneurs we cover—starting on page 42—should provide plenty of insight on growing a successful business.

This issue also contains practical and personal advice from several individuals worth watching such as this issue’s Leading Lady Linda Jones, principal at Dominion Seven Architects located in downtown Lynchburg. Of doing business, Jones believes: “You can’t take it with you, so value people and relationships over money every time and avoid regrets.” It’s an axiom that sounds nice in theory, but how difficult it can be to put into practice! Read more insights from Jones on page 41.

Moore’s Electrical & Mechanical chose to follow a similar mantra with their company—investing in their employees above all else. Not surprisingly, that approach has only led to company growth on all fronts. In just over 30 years, the company is now doing more than $80 million in gross revenue; they also give 10 percent of their annual profits to community organizations. Read more about their unique and inspiring company culture starting on page 54.

All of these tidbits distill to one central point: Listen to those around you. That’s what led me to decide that the time has come to bid goodbye to a job that I have loved for a season of my life. But something new is now calling my name—specifically, two little girls saying “Mommy.” As a new parent, people often say things such as “Enjoy it while they’re young,” and “Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.” Well, I’m immeasurably blessed to be able to fully embrace that advice, and so I will. If there’s anything I can leave you with, it’s to have confidence in what the Lynchburg community is capable of. I believe we will continue to grow our region to greater prominence, and I’m privileged to have contributed in drawing attention to the great work happening here.

All my best,
Jennifer Redmond, Managing Editor