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Maxwell Furniture
Custom Made Furniture

Since 1990, Maxwell Furniture has made furniture for Presidents, movie stars, famous authors, media personalities, singers and songwriters, investment tycoons, and next door neighbors. The company has designed and built public and private installations, collaborating with architects and interior designers for churches, schools, museums and studios. Maxwell Furniture has been featured in countless design magazines and has displayed their craft in galleries across the country and abroad.
Each piece is created to order by hand, and no job is too small or large. Make an investment—own a piece of high quality, fine crafted, handmade furniture that can be enjoyed today and for many generations to come.

PICTURED: Their international award-winning solid wood furniture features a frame and container design with mortise and tenon joinery, always complete with a hand rubbed finish.

(434) 944-3691 | mtmaxwell@aol.com

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