Spelling out what makes a great work environment is somewhat of an inexact science. Who better then to determine that than the employees who experience it day in and day out? For the first annual “Best Places to Work” campaign, we asked employees to nominate their companies for consideration.

Those featured here in alphabetical order were shared with us by employees and selected for the quality of their work environments, general company culture, training and development opportunities, tangible and intangible benefits, and employee satisfaction, among other things. We hope you appreciate seeing the great things happening in our region and consider nominating your own place of work for next year’s campaign!

Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Company Bio: The Animal Emergency and Critical Care Clinic exists to provide emergency medical and surgical care to pets in the Central Virginia Region. Typically, they care for animals that need emergency surgery or are wounded from a gunshot or fight. They also keep animals overnight that are having a serious issue, such as respiratory problems.

Company Culture: Employees take pride in their work, enjoy a job well done, and show excitement to be part of the team. Since every day looks different, employees say they are not bored with a mundane work day. Among the many benefits offered, Animal Emergency and Critical Care provides healthcare benefits, retirement and savings options, opportunities for advancement, and appropriate compensation.

Community Development: The Clinic invests in the community through the Meals on Wheels program, which helps families who can’t afford to feed
their animals, and also donates to the Lynchburg Humane Society.

In Their Words: “It’s a small business where everyone gets along and acts like family in the best way possible,” said Jess Filko, a veterinary assistant who has worked at the clinic for 2 ½ years. The hours are great, the staff is top notch. They train you so no experience is required, and there is room for personal growth.” –M.H.

Bank of the James
Company Bio: Bank of the James was founded by a team of 12 bank employees and 10 bank directors in 1999. After watching several local banks being taken over by large corporate banks and seeing standards and customer service suffering, they decided to come together and create a new local bank that focuses on relationships, making decisions at the local level, offering competitive fees and interest rates, as well as innovative products and services. Among these products and services are online banking, mobile banking, and remote deposit capture. Bank of the James was voted Lynchburg Living’s Best Community Bank for 2014 and 2015.

Work Perks: A “Healthier You” committee provides access to free cooking classes, yoga classes, and stress management workshops. Other benefits include free participation in community race events, and incentives to take part in events that promote a healthier lifestyle for employees and their families.

Community Development: Bank of the James supports many local schools, nonprofits, and other organizations through sponsorships, donations, and volunteer hours.

In Their Words: “Working in an environment that supports and encourages your advancement in your career as well as personal development is often not found in today’s workplaces,” said Angie Eagle, Vice President of Accounting, who has worked at Bank of the James for 10 years. “I am a living example of both because of Bank of the James.” —E.H.

BWX Technologies, Inc.
Company Bio: BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) is a leading supplier of nuclear components, fuel, and services to the U.S. government and commercial nuclear customers. For generations, BWXT has been at the forefront of the commercial and government nuclear power industries. Their history is traced all the way back to the 1850s, with the invention of the water tube boiler. BWXT (formerly The Babcock & Wilcox Company), is headquartered in Lynchburg and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Their goal is to be an industry leader, providing products and services of the highest quality.

Company Culture: The company is acutely focused on employee safety. BWXT also strives to help each employee, not just by offering numerous professional development opportunities, but by providing personal development resources as well, like health and wellness care facilities on site in Lynchburg.

Community Development: BWXT is dedicated to expanding the economic growth of their communities, and also support various organizations that strive to enhance cultural activities and improve people’s lives.

In Their Words: “I’ve worked at many places over the years, but none as caring and professional,” said Lewis Wydner, who works in Information Technology.

He said what sets the company apart is the sense of being valued. –M.H.

Chestnut Hill Bakery
Company Bio: One of Lynchburg’s best loved bakeries, Chestnut Hill makes everything from breads and donuts to a variety of pies and pastries. In April of 2011, Col. Richard Hinkley of the Liberty University Police Department and his wife, Glenda, purchased the long-standing community bakery after it went out of business. Although the bakery underwent new ownership, baking was not new to Glenda, as she had been working from home making cakes for weddings and special occasions since the early 1980s.

Company Culture: The environment is friendly and uplifting. Employees are encouraged to ask questions, and learn what they do not know. What sets Chestnut Hill Bakery apart is the “heart of the owner,” according to the employee submission. If there is an upset customer, the owners take as much time as it takes to hear the customer’s concerns and rectify the situation. Creativity is encouraged. The owner supports experimenting and trying new ideas, which leads to new products being offered almost every day.

Community Development: Aside from donating donuts to Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sundays, they also give to charity runs and other organizations. Instead of throwing out leftovers, they donate to Salvation Army.

In Their Words: “The bakery is a fun place to be and to work and after vacations I am always happy to come back to it!” said Taylor Tinsley. –M.H.

Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics of Lynchburg
Company Bio: Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics of Lynchburg (CDOL) specializes in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, offering a full-range of services for infants, children, teens, and special needs patients. Their mission is to provide a safe and compassionate environment for all of their patients. Using advanced equipment and technology, they aim to offer the best possible dental care to the community.

Company Culture: Everyone is comfortable with each other, communicates well, and there are no office disagreements. Employees’ opinions are heard and valued. Special benefits include company trips, monthly meals, shirts, a clothing allowance, and rewards for exceptional performance.

Community Development: CDOL has invested in the community by partnering with the Lynchburg Hillcats for their “Hit the Books Reading” night. This campaign encourages children to read books in exchange for earning free tickets to the baseball game. In the fall, they host an artwork gallery that displays art by children who are patients at Lynchburg General Hospital. The artwork is then auctioned at the annual Love of Children Ball, raising money for the Children’s Miracle network. Additionally, “Captain Smiles” participates in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade, appears at Chick-fil-A’s Family Fun Night in February, and routinely visits schools to educate students on good oral hygiene.

In Their Words: “There is never a dull moment,” said Erin Spradlin, who has worked as the marketing coordinator and pediatric dental checkout for 3 ½ years. “Each day is different from another and I wake up each day excited to go to work. If you are looking for a boring place to work, this is not it!” –M.H.

Dawson Ford Garbee & Co. Realtors
Company Bio: Dawson Ford Garbee & Co. Realtors (DFG), a real estate agency with homes for sale in Lynchburg and the surrounding communities, was founded in 1905. DFG specializes in the sale of residential and commercial properties, land, and new construction. They assist both buyers and sellers throughout the purchase, relocation, and closing processes. Additionally, DFG specializes in property management, offer online real estate classes for those who want to obtain a real estate license, and coordinates residential and commercial auctions. DFG was voted the Best Real Estate Agency in Lynchburg Living’s 2015 Best Of contest.

Company Culture: DFG has significant diversity in terms of culture, age, race, and gender, giving them a well rounded team. Most of the staff has worked at DFG for at least 10 years. Special benefits include ongoing monetary incentives.

Community Development: DFG serves throughout the community. Last year, Bring Your Dog to Work Day raised money for the Lynchburg Humane Society.
In Their Words: “We are a group that has developed an uncanny knack for exceeding our clients’ expectations in customer service. This does not come from one person; it comes from a village. I love working with folks who have the same motivation and goals and spirit that I do,” says Tiffany Blankinship, Relocation Coordinator, who has worked at Dawson Ford Garbee for 17 years. “When work is your second home, you want to share that.” —E.H.

DePaul Community Resources
Company Bio: DePaul Community Resources exists to provide services for individuals with unique challenges. The nonprofit embraces the vision of opening doors to hope and belonging through foster care, adoption, independent living, and community-based services.

Their child and family services mission is to ensure safety, promote permanency, facilitate healing and support independence for the children and families they serve. The mission of their developmental disabilities services is to support personal choice, promote individual growth, improve quality of life, and increase social inclusion for those with developmental disabilities.

Company Culture: DePaul prides itself on being “family friendly” and offers employees flexibility through paid time-off for both personal and medical leave. DePaul underwent an extensive study in 2014-2015 to ensure that employees were making a fair and appropriate salary, taking into consideration their position and duties, and also their education and experiences.

The study concluded that DePaul ranked above and beyond similar agencies in compensating their employees. The few employees who were not
being compensated accordingly were given immediate raises.

Community Development: Although they have many offices scattered throughout Virginia, they come together to share in professional development, holidays, and other various celebrations during the year.

In Their Words: “We have fun at DePaul,” said Liz Nelms, who began working for the company in 2013. “While our work is serious and treated seriously by every employee, we all work together to promote a supportive, nurturing, and fun environment. Showing our appreciation for one another, offering our thanks for support, or just making someone else laugh and feel like they belong—those are the cornerstones of the DePaul experience on a day-to-day basis.” –M.H.

Dermatology Consultants
Company Bio: With 95 years of combined experience between their five providers, Dermatology Consultants strives to offer extraordinary care to patients, treating each one as if they were their only patient. One of their main objectives is to promote a positive environment for both workers and patients—an objective that appears to be working as they were voted the Best Dermatology Practice in Lynchburg Living’s 2015 Best Of contest. Aside from general dermatology, Dermatology Consultants offer services for skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology.

Company Culture: Employees are given opportunities to interact with supervisors, and voice their opinions with company policies and decisions. Colleagues express excitement in being part of the team, and celebrate each other’s professional achievements.

Community Development: The staff enjoys a close-knit, family-like atmosphere. Aside from gathering each morning to pray before starting the day, and buying the staff lunch each month, they take time to celebrate special life events. They are also given opportunities to serve throughout the community. Each year they have a booth at the Virginia 10 Miler where they give skin cancer screenings. Dermatology Consultants also donates to schools and other charitable organizations.

In Their Words: “Dermatology Consultants is absolutely amazing,” said Kasey Almond, who has worked as a certified dermatology technician since August 2014. “The main reason why I love working for them is the fact that they appreciate their workers and show it!” –M.H.

Forest Dental Center
Company Bio: With a motto of “smile with confidence!” the four dentists at Forest Dental Center (FDC) offer years of experience and work to meet their patients’ needs. Aside from routine prevention care and exams, they offer pediatric care, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, teeth whitening, restorations, extractions, and cerec crowns. Their goal as a “patient first practice” is to provide excellence in dentistry, with a passion for the profession and quality patient care. This approach won them the top spot in the Best Dentist category in Lynchburg Living’s 2015 Best Of contest.

Company Culture: The staff at FDC enjoys a relaxed environment and look forward to office parties, holiday “tacky” sweater day, and casual Fridays at the end of each month during which employees wear a FDC t-shirt. Employees are offered training when hired, opportunities for professional development and advancement, healthcare benefits, retirement and savings options, and chances to interact with coworkers outside of work. Opinions are valued, and employees feel a level of “ownership” in the practice.

Community Development: FDC invests in the community by offering free dental services to people in need and also volunteer at the Free Clinic. Once a year they sponsor “Dentistry From Our Hearts,” which offers free dental services to members of the community. Additionally, two local surgeons partner with them to see patients who have needs greater than what FDC can address. They typically see between 200-250 patients during the event.
In Their Words: “The employees work well as a team with a common goal in mind,” said Natalie Larkin, who has been a dental hygienist for 7.5 years. “It is an honest dental practice, with spirituality that motivates our teamwork and provides excellence in dentistry in a professional atmosphere.” –M.H.

Hurt & Proffitt
Company Bio: Local civil engineering and surveying firm, Hurt & Proffitt (H&P), values communicating with their clients through every step. H&P is equipped to manage projects in a variety of scopes including civil engineering, surveying, land development, construction testing and inspection, geotechnical engineering, environmental, and cultural resource management.

Company Culture: The company encourages employees to participate in professional seminars and workshops, associations and societies, and gain certifications and licensures in their specialization. Special benefits include professional development and training, fitness reimbursement, section 125 cafeteria plan, and Christmas Club savings.

Community Development: Making a mark on the community, H&P has been a major contributor to many notable projects, including expansions and construction for Centra, the Wyndhurst development, and Liberty University. They have worked with the Virginia Department of Transportation, American Electric Power, Central Virginia Community College, and several others. –M.H.

Innovative Wireless Technologies
Company Bio: Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) is a professional design center that specializes in the development of wireless product solutions. Their team of engineers has developed solutions that “set the bar for underground communications, safety, and security.” IWT strives to make technology that is simple, rugged, and improves safety.

Company Culture: Employees are “upbeat,” very supportive of each other. The 11 ladies in the Lynchburg office take time to enjoy holidays and special days. For birthdays, they visit a restaurant to celebrate, and for Christmas, they enjoy an ornament exchange. IWT also hosts summer picnics, lake parties, and Lynchburg Hillcats days. On Wednesdays, a group of IWT employees visits the Community Market to buy fresh vegetables and bread.

Work Perks: IWT cares for their employees, offering many benefits.

They pay 90 percent of employee and employee-family insurance premiums.

Community Development: IWT has supported many organizations over the years, inlcuding the Renaissance Theater, Amazement Square, Lynchburg Humane Society, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, YMCA Thunder Ridge, Virginia League of Lynchburg, RUSH Homes, James River Day School’s Cardinal Club, and Smith Mountain Lake’s Christian Academy.

In Their Words: “It’s all the little things that the company provides to make working here better,” said Barbara Wagner, who has worked as a tactical marketing analyst since April of 2015. “From free snacks, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other goodies to having a treadmill and ping-pong table upstairs for our use, IWT provides all the cool work options that I thought were only possible at large companies, like Google.” –M.H.

Moore & Giles, Inc.
Company Bio: Moore & Giles, Inc. designs, develops, and delivers high-end leather to the manufacturing and design trades. The company was founded in 1933 in Lynchburg by Donald Graeme Moore, a purchasing agent at the Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation. When he was laid off due to the Great Depression, he founded Moore & Giles, Inc. and was shortly joined by his son-in-law, W. Vernon Giles; together, they produced and sold leather for shoes. Since then, the company has grown tremendously in terms of both sales territories and offerings. Moore & Giles has representation in every major metropolitan area in the United States and partnerships with other countries including England, Germany, Istanbul and France. Their leather is used in many arenas, such as interior design for homes and hospitality venues, aviation, and fashion. They also offer their own line of luxury leather bags and accessories. Moore & Giles has been featured in Architectural Digest, Veranda, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and on GQ.com.
Work Perks: Special benefits include a wellness bank for co-pays and exercise equipment, workout sessions on the clock, and access to a personal trainer and gym on the premises.

Community Development: Moore & Giles supports many local nonprofits, including the Academy Center of the Arts, United Way, and Lynchburg Daily Bread.

In Their Words: “I chose to nominate Moore & Giles because of its commitment to its employees, vendors, clients, and community,” says Melinda Runion, Customer Care Manager, who has been working at Moore & Giles, Inc. for 20 years.

“This commitment has instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment in me as well as many others. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.” —E.H.

Company Bio: OrthoVirginia (formerly The Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia) was founded in 2005 and specializes in arthroscopic surgery, joint and cartilage replacement, and other musculoskeletal medical services. The staff is composed of Fellowship-trained surgeons and Board Certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, nursing and radiology staff, and administrative staff. OrthoVirginia strives to improve and enrich the lives of patients and employees, promote patient education and preventative care, and contribute to the well-being of the community. Two doctors from OrthoVirginia were listed among Virginia Living Magazine’s “Best Doctors” in 2012.

They were also voted one of the Best Physical Therapy Centers in Lynchburg Living’s Best Of 2015 contest.

Company Culture: The administration knows employees by name; employees can sign up to share professional and personal presentations at team meetings; team meetings with food and gift giveaways. Special benefits include stipends for conferences and CECs.

Community Development: OrthoVirginia works with the Jubilee Center to help mentor at-risk youth. The company also sponsors and participates in multiple local events.

In Their Words: “After moving from out of state, OrthoVirginia welcomed me in as family. They have been supportive since the day we moved here,” said Julianna Acevedo, Community Outreach Specialist, who has worked at OrthoVirginia for six months. “When your work is appreciated, and important personal life goals and milestones are acknowledged by your employer, it gives a feeling of family and friendship, not just a place to go to work.” —E.H.

Rehab Associates of Central Virginia
Company Bio: Rehab Associates of Central Virginia (RACV) is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy enterprise. It was founded in 1966 and has grown to 12 locations throughout the region. With specialties in physical therapy, pain management, orthopedic physical therapy, and sport injuries, RACV has a patient-first mentality that focuses on their quality of life and outcomes. RACV also strives to work as a team across its sub-specialty practices and to enhance the personal and professional lives of its employees. RACV received the Private Practice of the Year Award for 2015 from Advance Magazine. They were also voted the Best Physical Therapy Center in Lynchburg Living’s 2015 Best Of contest.

Company Culture: Special benefits include a continuing education allowance and a profit sharing program. Employees say there is a sense of community and collaboration among 12 different locations. A “high five program” entails employees emailing a note of appreciation about a fellow employee, and the employee with the most high fives in a month gets entered into a drawing for a large prize.

Community Development: Physical therapists volunteer at local high school football games and provide free injury screenings for high school athletes. Employees volunteer at the Virginia 10 Miler and participate in the Sedalia Center Chili Cook-off.

In Their Words: “We are a family that all works together, each at our individual clinics, to make sure we achieve the RACV way,” said Katie Shook, Physical Therapist and Site Supervisor at the Brookneal clinic, who has worked at RACV for 18 months. “We hold each other accountable, put patients first, constantly improve our skill levels and service, and exceed expectations in the community. I love that we work hard and have fun doing it!” —E.H.

Southern Landscape Group Inc.
Company Bio: Southern Landscape Group Inc., which was founded in 2006, is very diverse in the types of landscaping they design and build. They offer complete landscape design including custom patios, driveways, pathways, walls, fences, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pizza ovens, pools, ponds, and much more. Southern Landscaping was voted the Best Landscaping Company in Lynchburg Living’s 2015 Best Of contest.

Company Culture: Employees are given a voice in company policies and decisions, and are excited to be part of the team. Not only do they celebrate employees’ professional achievements, they also celebrate personal events, such as weddings and new babies. Each summer, they hold a picnic at the owner’s lake house, and a Christmas dinner in December to celebrate the holiday and recognize new hires throughout the previous year.

Community Investment: Giving back to the community is essential to Southern Landscape, and they invest through volunteering, financial support, and participating in professional organizations. They contribute to many organizations such as Adopt-A-Highway, Centra Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Ride for a Child, Rush Homes, Junior League of Lynchburg, Timberlake Christian Church’s youth mission trips, and many others.

In Their Words: “We have one of the best groups of people that I have ever worked with,” said Callan Dudley, who has worked for Southern Landscape for 3 ½ years. “There is not a day that goes by that when you walk in the door that you are not greeted. Also when you leave, everyone is sure to tell you “goodbye” and “thank you.” That appreciation sure does go a long way.” –M.H.

Spectrum Stone Designs
Company Bio: Spectrum Stone Designs, a direct importer and fabricator of natural stone for residential and commercial projects, was founded in 2007.
The company imports top-quality granite, marble, and other stone, uses precision templating, and cuts, polishes, and installs pieces like countertops, fireplace surrounds, and bars into homes and offices. Spectrum Stone Designs has received service awards from Angie’s List and the interior design website, Houzz.

Company Culture: Although its small staff serves many areas throughout Central Virginia, Spectrum Stone Designs never uses subcontractors and promises the strictest attention to detail for each project. Special benefits of working there include paid company vacations as well as occasional dinners out, gift cards, and breakfasts and lunches.

Community Development: Their website (spectrumstonedesigns.com) features recipes, a form to request a free cookbook, advice on choosing stone, explanations of edging, measuring, and installation, and a list of Central Virginia home resources.

In Their Words: “This is the best place I have worked in my 32 years of working,” said Kim Mays, Sales Manager, who has worked at Spectrum Stone Designs for 4 years. “[Owners] Page and John Eggleston are incredible to work with and for, and they care about each and every employee’s needs. To have owners who truly care about you and your family makes life so enjoyable.

I enjoy going to work every day.” —E.H.

Company Bio: Founded in 2008, Thriveworks offers counseling and life coaching for individuals, couples, and families. Their standards of service include 24 hour telephone and email access to counselors and appointments within 24 hours. The Lynchburg office opened in 2013, and there are offices in nine additional states. Thriveworks has been featured on CNN and ABC and in The Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

Company Culture: With an attractive office space and relaxed environment, Thriveworks aims to put both patients and staff at ease every day. Senior management is very accessible and open to employee feedback, and management often expresses employee appreciation both verbally and in writing. The company rents out Amazement Square for parties around key occasions. Other work perks include Friday lunches provided by the CEO; new employees welcomed with lunch out; potluck parties; champagne toast every Friday at 5 p.m.

In Their Words: “Besides the friendly work environment and benefits, we are encouraged to have a voice, to give our input,” said Trish Cappello, Billing Specialist, who has been working at Thriveworks for 3 ½ years. “Our management cares about us as people, not just employees. We have a fantastic team.”—E.H.

Virginia Eagle Distributing
Company Bio: Virginia Eagle Distributing (VED), a Virginia-based beverage distributor, was founded in 2006. It provides the entire Anheuser-Busch family of beers and imports, local craft beers, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to more than 50 counties and independent cities throughout Virginia, covering about 20,000 miles. The company is composed of sales and marketing teams, warehouse staff, and drivers. They service both off-premise accounts such as grocery and convenience stores and on-premise accounts such as local restaurants and bars. Virginia Eagle Distributing won the Top Innovator Award in 2012 at the Charlottesville Area Better Business Challenge.

Company Culture: Local sponsorships and promotional events offer employees an opportunity to build relationships outside of work. VED offers a company-funded wellness program, competitive compensation, and benefits to high school graduates. Other perks include outings like the employee and family picnic at a water park and annual Christmas party.

In Their Words: “At a time when college is quickly becoming too expensive for many families, Virginia Eagle offers a high school graduate who obtains a CDL the opportunity to start a career in our industry at a reasonable beginning pay and plenty of room for growth if they work hard and show results,” said Bo Hurt, Senior Director of Operations, who has worked at Virginia Eagle Distributing for 8 years. “The distribution industry is demanding and difficult at times, but our owners truly believe in a work-life balance and strive to provide that balance to us.” —E.H.

Virginia Select Auto
Company Bio: Virginia Select Auto (VSA), a pre-owned car dealership in Amherst, was founded in 2013 by Bruce Strickland. VSA focuses on providing an optimal customer experience by training customer service representatives instead of salespeople, offering no-hassle and bottom line pricing, flexible financing, and CARFAX information on every vehicle. VSA offers cars of all types and for all budgets and purchases and trades used cars. VSA was awarded “Medium Sized Business of the Year” in 2014 by the Amherst County Chamber of Commerce.

Company Culture: With a team focused on family and community, all departments pitch in if a department is short-handed. VSA also offers
Trunk-or-Treat in October for employees and their families, cookouts and ice cream sundae parties, and monthly employee birthday cakes.
Community Development: VSA provides employees with opportunities to volunteer for community projects, such as a car show in August that helps fund scholarships for local students. The dealership also services and repairs Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Honda, and Ford vehicles and offers helpful car buying and maintenance advice on their website’s blog (vaselectauto.com).

In Their Words: “All employees at VSA are part of the team, with equal importance; no department is valued over another,” said Genise Millner, Controller, who has worked at Virginia Select Auto since it opened in 2013. “VSA is a small business and as such, everyone knows everyone else. We are family. I would encourage anyone who wants to work for a company with family values to consider VSA.” —E.H.

Wooldridge Heating, Air & Electrical
Company Bio: Wooldridge Heating, Air & Electrical was founded by Lester and Trisha Wooldridge in 1975. The company offers heating and cooling equipment, including its own Wooldridge brand, along with free consultations and estimates without pressure of commitment. Their services include HVAC equipment and repair, maintenance, weatherization, generators, and electrical work. Wooldridge promises integrity, attention to detail, innovation, and follow-up visits and calls from their Quality Inspection Specialist after every installation. Wooldridge was voted as Lynchburg Living’s Best Heating and Air Company for 2015.

Company Culture: Team effort is critical at Wooldridge. All employees are cross-trained to
ensure complete coverage if anyone is out sick or on vacation. In addition, the company offers
paid education that enables employees to test for their Journeyman and Master Electrician cards. After an employee obtains their Master Electrician card, their photo is added to the “Master Card holder” wall. Other perks include get-togethers outside of work at least twice a year, company celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, monthly incentives, and breakfast provided at staff meetings.

In Their Words: “The culture at Wooldridge is one of dedication, caring, and humor.

We laugh, learn, and rely on each other daily to ensure that our employees are educated and safe and that our customers are taken care of to the best of each of our abilities,” said Terri Moses, Human Resources Manager, who has worked at Wooldridge Heating, Air, & Electrical for four months.
“Any company can offer medical, dental, 401k, etc., but here they also offer family.” —E.H.

Reporting by Emily Hedrick and Megan House