During my time working as a local TV reporter, I interviewed people of all walks of life and told their stories. It was one of my favorite parts of the job—sitting down and chatting with individuals I otherwise would never have known.

Most of the time, these encounters were positive and professional. But I can recall a few instances in 10 years where my interviewees overstepped their bounds with comments or behavior that made me uncomfortable. Thankfully, once the interview was finished, I didn’t have to see those people again and moved on.

But unfortunately for some workers, they can’t move on. The inappropriate or harassing behavior comes from inside the workplace—a place many people spend more of their waking hours than they do at home.

As we assembled content for our annual Top Lawyers edition of Lynchburg Business, harassment in the workplace was definitely on the top of our minds, especially in light of the #MeToo movement and the way it made those who have been harassed (or worse, assaulted) feel more confident about coming forward. Starting on page 29, we spoke with two of our region’s top Labor and Employment lawyers about how sexual harassment is defined. They also give important advice on how businesses can prevent and respond to harrassment at the office.

Also inside this issue, you’ll find our 2019 Top Lawyers list—see who lawyers themselves recommend in 26 practice areas. In our Legal column, learn more about the mission and vision of the new intellectual property law clinic at Liberty University School of Law. And marketing columnist Victor Clarke has some legal advice for businesses when using images found online.

We also like to “look ahead” in our December/January issue. On page 24, you’ll find a breakdown of the newly released “A Blueprint for Opportunity.”
This economic development document outlines some specific goals for our region over the next five years. Also, in our Finance column, you’ll want to be aware of some new tax code rules when you file this spring. And if you’re like me and an improved work-life balance is one of your New Year’s resolutions, check out our Healthcare column where we make the case for nightly family dinners.

From all of us at Lynchburg Business, we hope you make new memories with your loved ones this holiday season and that 2019 is your best and most productive year yet.


Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor