It’s no secret that in the past few years, podcasting has become one of the most successful means of sharing information and entertainment. Imagine if this article was read aloud to you as you drive to work or clean your kitchen. Perhaps you could listen to the voice of Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, or better yet, me—the voice of the author—bringing personality and emphasis into the deep sea of letters and words that make up written texts of any genre.

In the business world, podcasts have become an important marketing tool in a range of industries—from small, family-owned businesses such as Browns Heating and Air, who chose to start “Cool Talk” to chat about all things HVAC, to large employers such as Centra, who releases podcasts on a range of topics so their medical professionals can be front and center.

If you’ve considered branching out into the world of podcasts, but still aren’t 100 percent convinced it’s worth your while, here are my top three reasons why you should step up to the mic:

Podcasts are intentional
Podcasts are intimate forms of communication, passed directly from a creator or business owner to their audience. This type of communication is extremely effective, because it’s not what one would call “in passing” content. Think about quality engagement, not quantity. When you gain a listener, they are intentionally seeking out your ideas and opinions on a certain topic. Since they are choosing to consume your content, we can assume their attention is 100 percent on you. You’re not simply catching them walking from the kitchen to the living room while the TV is on. Which leads me to my next point…

Podcasts are budget-friendly
My company produces a lot of podcasts for small business owners who don’t often have the budget or technical know-how to get their voice out there through traditional media outlets such as TV or radio. (With limited space available, especially during prime shows, TV and radio spots can be a very large investment.) Because, let’s be honest, when commercials run, people are often scrolling through their smartphone as they wait to get back to the show they’re watching—and that’s coming from a business that creates commercials, too!

It’s important to note that commercials can and do play a role in a marketing plan, but quality engagement is not a box that’s being checked. Television ads are embedded into content people want to see or hear, which is why they have to be clever, funny, engaging, or simply straight to the point. Podcasts are different. Obviously, they are longer. They give a business owner or expert the time to go in depth and hone in on the details of their field or profession—and that much longer time frame comes at a fraction of the cost.

Podcasts allow room for creativity and personality
Aside from the intentional communication and economic benefits, I think the popularity of podcasting has substantially increased in the last few years because business owners see podcasts as a chance to communicate their personality and experiences alongside pertinent or educational information.

It’s exciting to see exactly what that looks like for each individual business owner as they form their brand and connect in real time with their audience.

Many podcasts include interactive segments where listeners call in to answer a question or to ask one. This communication style brings a personal voice to both the creator and the audience. It is a powerful moment for both the podcaster and the listener to hear the spoken word of each other, as auditory storytelling is one of the most memorable means of communication.

If all three of these points sound good to you, it’s also important to keep in mind that recording and producing a podcast is only part of the equation. There’s no point in having an amazing product, great branding, and a good message, if no one sees or hears it.

In addition to providing our clients with the professional space to produce podcasts, we then manage the “marketing” process for them. We make the podcast available on as many platforms as possible, and we leverage the podcast on a customer’s already existing social media accounts. Also, we provide all the needed hosting space, analytics and even a streaming radio station to add their episodes to in order to give the end result that local radio show feel. These are just a few ways to spread the word about your podcast.

Are you ready to step up to the mic? Consider the power of podcasts as your next marketing move.