Small Business on the Rise: LiteSheet Solutions (Manufacturing Facility)

PHOTO ABOVE: LiteSheet linear Stik lighting installed in the lobby of the historic Woolworth Building in New York City.

A bright future is in store for LiteSheet Solutions LLC, which recently moved to a larger facility—1191 Venture Drive, Suite A—in Forest, with 21,000 square feet of space for manufacturing and research and development (R&D), more than five times what it had, and room to expand as the company grows.

LiteSheet is revolutionizing the lighting industry with long lasting products—technology twice as efficient as standard LED and 15 times as efficient as incandescent—that have no points of failure, have a theoretical life expectancy of more than 400,000 hours, are modified to fit any light fixture in the world and are environmentally friendly.
The company already has over a dozen patents—with more pending—and will keep filing more as its R&D continues to advance the field in 2017.

“As the only company with AC Direct Driverless LED that is UL and DLC certified, LiteSheet is the technology leader in the market,” said Roger Whyte, LiteSheet President and CEO. “We are exceptionally proud to be a Virginia company, and our AC Direct LED technology is 100 percent engineered and manufactured in the Commonwealth.

LiteSheet got a boost from a $2 million research and development grant from Virginia’s Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, helping it attract top talent, grow at an accelerated rate and zip products to market, all while adding jobs and economic activity to the area. And filling voids left by the region’s burnt out tobacco enterprises with innovative R&D in the green energy sector is more than just good for business; it’s good for the environment and shines a bright light to the world from this community.

For its outstanding achievements, the company was given Innovator of the Year honors from the Region 2000 Technology Council in 2016. LiteSheet continues to grow its team—last year it was projected to double in size and bring 20 new jobs to the community. Two positions were recently filled, maxing out the capacity of the old facility before the move. More growth is expected over the year.

“The team at LiteSheet is a tremendous group of people to work with, all dedicated to our customers and each other,” Whyte said. “LiteSheet’s culture of service values our customers, community and employees and that is reflected in our efforts in providing high quality, efficient and reliable LED lighting.”

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by Drew Menard