Central Virginia Business Coalition

Number of Employees: 2

Heather says the most rewarding aspect of her position is the role she plays in the lives of local businesses, which vary from strictly business to friend/confidante or someone to bounce ideas off. She loves making a difference in our community and helping businesses thrive. Heather has been a champion for innovation at CVABC, formerly known as the Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association. Four years ago, she recognized the need to rebrand/refocus the organization to better align with the broader area of service. The rebrand allowed CVABC to become more inclusive and expansive throughout the region.

Heather believes women still have challenges in the workplace, especially along the work/life balance aspect. She admits to her tendency to burn the candle at both ends but she has learned to prioritize her days to ensure she doesn’t overload herself. She gives credit to the great support system she has built between her staff and volunteers that help her to juggle it all.

Heather is currently working on their 6th Annual EMPOWER Women in Business Event happening in May, along with a spin-off called Ladies in Leadership. She is most proud of starting this event so local businesswomen can encourage one another to be the best versions of themselves.